what the heck is this place

My name is Cameron and I love stories.

I've always been fascinated by the tales we tell and the impact they have on how we view the world. What you see here is not only a product of a quarter-life crisis and too much free time, but also a desire to explore the forces behind the beautiful things that we love.

I know I owe a bigger part of myself than I'd care to admit to movies and TV shows and books. Stories find a way into every part of our lives it seems, and have an annoying habit of changing them. So why is it that we like the things that we do? What are they trying to capture? What lessons do we take away? And behind it all, why do we tell stories in the first place? What is it, then, are we all looking for?

This blog is a haphazard and mostly clueless attempt to answer those questions. It was created to shed some light on what we, as creators and as humans, can learn from the stories that move behind the page or the screen. I hope you can find pieces of that goal somewhere in here, and if not, at least a fellow fan to freak out with.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to sharing some cool stories with you guys!

let me know what you think

Please let me know what's on your mind: thoughts, grievances, opinions in general are always very much appreciated!

As a note, I know that I can be inattentive. Please let me know if I ever post something that is offensive or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. It is never my intention to hurt or belittle anyone. I know this can happen, and please, please let me know when I make a mistake, I will do my best to fix it immediately!